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CMS NUUO - Лицензия на систему от 6-ти до 10-ти серверов

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Централизированная система управления (CMS) - Лицензия на систему от 6-ти до 10-ти серверов.

Централизированная система управления (CMS) от NUUO. Мощный инструмент управления множеством серверов NUUO. Система позволяет управлять неограниченным числом камер, как аналоговых, так и IP. CMS лицензируется в зависимости от количества контролируемых серверов NUUO (Sites). Неограниченное число клиентских подключений. Неограниченное число виртуальных матричных мониторов (Matrix Screen). Мощная система электронных карт (E-Map) с неограниченным числом слоёв. Позволяет создавать и контролировать системы любого масштаба. Централлизованное хранение информации о тревожных событиях (Events). Возможность просматривать любую камеру системы, архив любой камеры системы, организовывать сложные реакции на тревожные события (Events). Рекомендовано для применения в крупных системах (более 75 камер).

Our Surveillance Soluton How It Assists?
NUUO provides scalable surveillance solutons that fulfill the needs of monitoring, patrolling, and analyzing for clients of
all sizes. The two key solutons are the Central Management System (CMS), for big enterprises, and the Intelligent Video
Soluton (IVS), for small and medium-sized businesses. However, these are not one size fits all solutons. No mater what
the size of your business, NUUO will individually tailor a soluton for you.

The NUUO NVR-based Central Management System (CMS) is a powerful advance in CMS technology, allowing control of the system over the Internet, rather than being tied down to a control room. A network-based operation system can manage an unlimited number of analog and IP cameras located worldwide, as well as allowing simultaneous operation by an unlimited number of workstations. NUUO CMS is considered to be the omni-solution for large-scale projects, such as defense installations, justice facilities, security companies, city surveillance, and national or international enterprises.



Triple Monitor Scenario

CMS Alarm Server

Alarm Database

Use SQL Server 2005 Express to store all the alarms

Central Server

Store the site map hierarchy data structures

Directly connect to surveillance server to get alarm notifications

Provide TCP service for CMS clients' access through network

Supported Alarm Type

Video Signal Abnormal
Digital Input Trigger (Normal / Emergency)
Network Abnormal
DVR / NVR Abnormal
Motion / Missing / Foreign / Focus / Blocked / Occlusion
Low Disk Space
CPU temperature High / Fan Speed Low

Supported Notification Type

Show on alarm / message list
Play sound
Send e-mail
Phone call and play wav file
Send SMS message
Move PTZ camera to the preset point
Trigger digital output

CMS Client (E-Map / Alarm List)

Map Tree Hierarchy

Unlimited level display site map and linked between navigation tree and map window

Define Maps

Lock / Map Settings / New / Edit / Delete
Supported image format: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF

Navigation tool on Maps

Use to use zoom in, zoom out and Drag operation

Indicators on Maps

Indicators for maps, servers, cameras and I/O devices on maps with different images to show the status
Indicator icons support image format with alpha channel (TIFF)

Intuitive Operation on Maps

Open Last Alarm
Open Live Video Window
Open Instant Playback Window
Activate Video on Matrix Console
View the status report of surveillance servers

Action when Alarm

Go to the specific map layer when alarm happens
Automatically show live video on popup window if function enable
Automatically show live video on live matrix system if function enable

Alarm Viewing

Filter tools to survey existing alarm history

Live Matrix System

Live Viewing

Up t o 64 concurrent camera veiwing

Grid Type

1, 4, 9, 13, 16,25, 36,49,64

View Type

Flexible auto scan mechanism

Full Screen Viewing

Full screen video preview with auto hide toolbar

Automatically pop-up

Accept the command from CMS client to show the live video associated with alarms

PTZ panel

Manually snap shot and record video on central server

Remote Playback System

Remote Playbay

Up to 16 concurrent camera viewing

Basic Operation

Play / Pause / Stop / Zoon in & Zoom out / Step Forward & Backward / Speed Up & Down

Grid Type

1, 4, 9, 16

Export Function

Save as image and video, as well as printing

Smart Search

Fast search based on the specific event (Motion / Missing / Foreign / Focus / Blocked)


User & Group

4 level of privilege: Viewer / User / Power User / Admin

Viewer: allowed to view live video

User: allowed to view live & recorded video

Power User: allowed to view & reorded video and PTZ control

Admin: all functions are allowed

Two Way Audio

2 way audio between with NUUO servers or supported IP cameras

Built - In Remote Desktop

CMS could control NUUO servers through remote desktop protocol

Remote Configuration

Remote configuring specific options on remote server

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